GyroMark™ HT kits from EMD Millipore

EMD Millipore’s off-the-shelf biomarker kits contain all the components you need to efficiently complete your project in days instead of weeks.

Advantages of using EMD Millipore’s off-the-shelf kits compared to developing and validating your own Gyrolab assays:

  • Fully qualified, robust and reproducible assays
  • High correlation to EMD Millipore’s ELISAs and Luminex® assays
  • Order specific lots of reagents to minimize variation and lot-to-lot drift
  • Off-the-shelf kits including all the components to run an assay


Assay principle

GyroMark HT assays are sandwich ELISA based. The steps are:

  1. Binding of the biotinylated capture antibody to the streptavidin coated affinity columns of Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 CD
  2. Capture of target molecules from samples to the biotinylated capture antibody
  3. Binding of a second dye-labeled detection antibody to the captured molecules.
  4. Quantification using Gyrolab Evaluator software

GyroMark™ HT kits from EMD Millipore


You can download ‘GyroMark HT assay protocols’ here
Download (PDF, 169.6 KB)
Download (PDF, 170.6 KB)

You can download the Method described in GyroMark HT assay protocols here:
Method: 1000-3W-002-A Download (ZML, 2.5 KB)

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Note: EMD Millipore is known as Merck Millipore outside of the U.S. and Canada